We need to expand childcare in South San Francisco, but it must be done in a safe, fair and affordable way.  Measure DD is a poorly written mega tax backed by outside interests that puts our city’s children at risk. Vote No on Measure DD.

The City of South San Francisco recently released a Childcare Master Plan that addresses the growing care and learning needs of children. Our City is already leading the county on childcare issues as one of only two cities with childcare impact fees and the only city to launch a standalone childcare plan. The plan contains over 100 specific recommendations for providing universal, quality, safe childcare that meets a range of needs. We need to support the city’s well thought out plan.

Instead, Measure DD was placed on the ballot by outside interests. Measure DD is a significant new tax that will not provide childcare for everyone who needs it nor guarantee preschool for all. 

  • Measure DD is unsafe: it specifically states that childcare providers who receive funds do not have to obtain a state license or adhere to health and safety guidelines.
  • Measure DD won’t provide preschool for all: the city’s economic report shows that the measure won’t even provide enough preschool seats for everyone who needs them.
  • Measure DD is bad for taxpayers: it has no guidelines on how money can be spent by providers, no requirements that providers have safety guidelines or state licenses, and no oversight by the city.  
  • Measure DD is a huge tax: it will raise $56 million per year – almost half the city’s current budget – without addressing some of our most pressing needs, such as affordable housing and public safety.
  • Measure DD will hurt local businesses and working families: it doesn’t just tax large corporations but will also impact many biotech startups performing critical healthcare work that don’t yet produce a profit and won’t be able to absorb this huge tax, forcing them to leave South San Francisco.

We urge you to vote No on this well-intentioned but badly written measure so we can put forward a real plan for childcare for South San Francisco.